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7 years ago
Midi-Pyrénées, France

hi, is it possible to create a All bonus tracks category to speedrun with the 4 last races, (miscellaneous if you want) ?

Connecticut, USA

I don't understand why it's not already a thing... especially since this came in a year ago or more. Is the moderator for this game not active?

Midi-Pyrénées, France

i did a nice sub 10 "All Bonus Tracks" run, when this category will be on this page? If you need help of new moderators Leopold67 don't hesitate to add me if you want, i'm pretty active on this game and on src ;)

Connecticut, USA

Who knows. The Mod has continually ignored requests and the admins of the website refuse to do anything about it.

Maybe try submitting it under the wrong category. If it gets rejected for being the "wrong type of run" we may be able to get additional Mods added that will actively listen. After all, "just submit it" is the attitude the site admins take.

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