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7 years ago
Midi-Pyrénées, France

hi ! there is no runs for the All tracks category. So i wonder if only the 3 first boats are allowed for the 3 first tracks (easy) on 13. Or can I for example use the total blade ? thanks for your answer, i wanna run this category soon

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North Brabant, Netherlands

I'd like to get an answer on this question too, also for the other categories.

Are we really limited to choose our boats for each category (easy boats for easy tracks)? I personally don't see the need in that but I'd like to hear others too.

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North Carolina, USA

Hi, I see there is only one admin so runs are probably going to take some days to verify, but do you know have active Leopold67 is? I played this all the time sitting in that big arcade machine back in the day and am speedrunning it now. Thanks, NDX

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Connecticut, USA

I haven't ever seen Leo respond to anything, and you can't PM people yet on, so we have no way of knowing how active they are atm.

As for the question's answer. My assumption would be that it works just like the All Track records for Easy/Medium/Hard track sections, which is any boat can be used on any course. The reason being that, currently, the only records currently listed for Hydro Thunder are IGT and essentially a time-attack of a select few courses. Menu time and such does not (thankfully) matter, as the final time is converted to simply the sum of your track times. Again, simply a time attack.

If you wanted something like that then we would need the addition of a % based category. Since these are in RTA menu time, time spent on races lost, everything would be counted. I can't think of any designated place to end an Any% category on, so unless someone found glitches that let you bump past race requirements I would say that what you're looking for is a 100% category. I don't see why this isn't already on here, and I agree that this would be an awesome category to run, but then again we also don't have an "All Bonus Tracks" category. Who knows why.

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