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I had a run in the better any% category and its gone now.

Should I resubmit my better any% run for any% or do I have to do a brand new run for any%


Better any% was made obsolete when we found the trigger to get to the credits. Now any% doesn't require the list of requirements and is pretty much better any%, plus the jump at the end to reach the credits. Since old better any% runs don't reach the credits, they are not added to the new any% category.

The old any% category is now All Requirements.


We have now archived the Better Any% category: the final leaderboard and every run submitted,


look at the tabs at the bottom of the screen


Hi how can i do the long jump glitch with the pause? (like the transfiguration lesson) sorry but idk where i can ask you this question so i decided to write it here.


There are two ways of doing them right now, one of them is explained in this tutorial:
Second way is basically the same but with pressing and holding the print screen button on your keyboard for a few seconds while being in the menu instead of changing the World detail. I would also recommend you to join the HP speedrunning Discord, its usually the best place to get your questions answered 🙂