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I see that the main way that folks fix the Imp from freezing in Carpe is via limiting frame rates. The fix that I originaly found to fix this was to change the render device in the "Default.ini" from D3D to OpenGL. Other than introduce a few graphical errors, this doesn't seem to affect anything else in the game. Would running with this changed render device invalidate my run?


It's not stated anywhere for some absurd reason but we require (or at least should require) all runs to be capped at 60FPS and modifying game files for a run is super frowned upon. It's totally possible that people would accept your run but if you don't want to make waves just download the free version of dxtory and run D3D.

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That's fair!

Also, I have come to find that even though it fixes the imp glitch, the OpenGL render device seems to introduce crashes at auto-save points. I got dxtory and plan to stick to D3D!



Wait, can someone help me ?
I cant change the 'default.ini' file. because its also just 'default' without .ini behind it i guess..
There also like a gear picture on text document picture..


As emirp mentioned above, you really aren't allowed to change game files, dxtory is the only option that should be considered for this