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Recently I figured out a way to skip Quidditch 1 + Neville's Quidditch minigame, the information about it is here: http://pastebin.com/DJt3edBF

I'm questioning myself about it. You need to make a campaing progress to do this skip; however, you only use a fresh new file after that, so it definitely is not a NG+ trick.

You can't ban a run because the runner in order to reset decided to "quit the game" and start a new run by just menuing, this is exactly what I do when I run the game (specially in my old console attempts). On the other hand, as I've written in the pastebin, a campaing progress has to be done to unlock the quidditch league.

So, can we use this skip in any%?


Reposting my comments from the Sprash Discord here for archiving/easy viewing purposes.

[1:15 PM] IHNN: I would lean against allowing it for RTA- I found a similar skip in a flash game a few years back that relied on data from the current play session
[1:16 PM] IHNN: Reasoning: you're playing the game with the intent to manipulate values for the run, THEN starting the timer
[1:16 PM] IHNN: So gameplay that directly affects the run isn't timed, and that rubs me the wrong way
[1:16 PM] IHNN: For a TAS, it could go either way but they generally prefer from a completely clean slate- no pre-prepared data/savestate/etc.
[1:17 PM] IHNN: (again, I'd lean against it just because it's cutting out gameplay from save manipulation)
[1:17 PM] IHNN: Also- say down the line a similar skip is discovered, same method, but it puts you right at the end of the game. Would that be allowed?
[1:18 PM] IHNN: It's one of those slippery slope arguments- IIRC Twilight Princess has a back in time glitch (or was it Skyward Sword?) that, with save data, can beat the game in 10-15 minutes

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My opinion is that an any% run should not require any kind of setup or other save files before the run begins. One should be able to buy a new game, buy a new memory card, buy a new console and perform the run from there, from the beginning. I think the skip is cool though and could very well be used in a seperate, custom category. So not "NG+" but "Any% Quidditch file/skip/league unlocked" or something along those lines.

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Though I'm new to HP speedrunning, I reckon it ought to be a separate category to any%. It would be permitted if you start the timer from the start of the save file used to beat quidditch 1, but not if you start the timer from the new file.

Also to clarify, if you unlock QL, then delete all the save files and start a new file, will QL be unlocked? That could change things.

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Sprash discussion archive: http://imgur.com/a/bC70x

Ok, so I misunderstood the meaning of ng+ (it's more like carried data+). This skip is definitely not for any%, perhaps the mods can create a NG+ category (or a similar one) that allows this menu abuse. Special thanks for IHNN.

So, to prevent menuing abuse for any% I'm requesting that runs shouldn't start when you get the option to play the quidditch league. This is very easily to avoid: reset the console/emulator, or quit the game before you beat quidditch 1 (in case you past quidditch 1, just go for a new game and quit it); otherwise, the file will carry your quidditch league wins that you had before. How about it?

@Burpman It will.


For me, that run should be another category, since you need something else than start a fresh new game (QuidditchAbuse% ?).
And okay to have to run in a fresh new card, to avoid abuses too.

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I gave my point on the Discord server but I'll shortly give it again.
This new strat is not any%. Therefore, there should be a new cattegory for this skip despite only saving a few minutes. I find 'Any% NG+' a fine name for it, but there's room for discussion

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