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We have a very good series of tutorials on how to do certain tricks for chamber of secrets but there are like no guides for the philosopher's stone. My question is how to do that super jump that you do in wingardium challange and forest edge without typing the cheat?


in wingardium leviosa, there is a clip in fountain, in forest edge it's the same, but it's more tricky


I get that but I think I'm too stupid to nail the button combination or the place itself. Also all of a sudden I can't learn any spells... specifically alohomora. no matter what compability settings, admin mode, resolution, graphical settings etc. I change or even trace the spell fast or slow miss half of it or do the full shape i cant egt passed 30% and even thats on arare occasion. Uusally I get 10% lol. And believe meI used to nail all spells before with ease whne playing casually.
Edit: My game copy was bugged. Sadly I had to get a new one but it works fine.

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so for the superjump there is no special button combination. All you have to do is jump at the right moment when Harry does the little clipping thing on an edge. For both of the super jumps exist way easier strats that I would recommend in the beginning. The superjump in wingardium can be replaced with a very easy strat that is close to the "casual" way. The superjump in forest edge can be replaced with a pretty easy brightness boost that is not much slower.

I think I know what you are talking about with the spell learing. I had that once too at Alohomora spell learning. Restarting the game should usually be enough.

I also highly recommend to join the discord server for the Harry Potter games. 🙂 People usually answer there much faster than on these forums. Just contact one of the top guys on twitter or something like this and they will give you an invite. Not sure if I am allowed to do that so better ask them. 😃 The guys on the discord also have way more knowledge than me and should also be able to help with any technical problems.

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Thanks man. So yeah i was digging around also and thanks for telling me what it was exactly i know the "casual' way for wingardium so thanks for the advice and the tips. Also the only thing that fixed it for me to just change the copy of the game 😃 I will ask around for the discord and such. I started practicing speedrunning like a few days ago for the first time so I've been learning by watching vods and stuff. Once again thanks for the help 🙂