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(Sorry if i do some mistakes because english not my main language)


Runs in HoMaM3 Hd Edition should be submited like other versions
On my opinion thats still nice choice for speedruns because on this version you can do categories of speedruns:)Also if somebody submit run in hd editions should use HD+


Yeah, we don't have a category on that at the moment.

My opinion is that there should be a category of it's own, like HD+, No HD+.

Because HD Edition is Restoration of Erathia, it stands out.

I bought my copy of the game on Good Old Games.com, there you get all 3 expansions. While I have the choice between all RoE, AB and SoD campaigns, the Shadow of Death is overruling the previous ones. It means that the maps we play online and in Single Scenario have the later changes that HD Edition 2015 on Steam doesn't have.

It would be cool to see what sort of runs you can get on the HD Edition 2015.

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Category is now ready for runs to be submitted to.

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