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Could you create another categorie for the level leaderbaord with the scenario "Good vs Evil" plz ??

Thanks a lot =)



Added, and I gave you moderator. Have fun.


Thanks a lot ! Have fun too =)


Hey hey, please don't just add your runs to this board without having someone else watch them first. I was still in the middle of watching your run and others that I need to verify. I have removed your mod status for the time being until I have watched all the runs you have submitted. Please don't do this again as it is very disrespectful to me as for now it seems I'm the only one maintaining these games.

¤ After a couple months of hiatus, at least this board is getting used again. It'll take me a bit to organize things. I also didn't know mods could just submit their own runs w/o verification, or rather approve of their own runs. I had Killer249 verify mine before I asked for mod.


Alright, all runs are now verified and I have given you mod privilege back. Apologies for my harshness; I do not think self-verified runs would be viewed as acceptable, so I have to take the time to watch everything.


Hey adamdotpng,

Could it be possible to be mod of the game as i speedrun this game some times please? i saw you gave me the mod but you maybe forget 😉

Thank you very much for all =)

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No I will not.

Apparently you forgot when I gave you mod status two years ago, you submitted your runs without someone reviewing them prior. I said this is not appropriate for a moderator to do as it is an abuse of power; you are not the only one competing for best time(s) for this game; you bypass others who have to wait for approval.

You said nothing years ago when I gave my reasoning, as I gave you twice chance with mod privileges. You may have mod status for another game, but you give me no reason to trust you now.


Ok it was just a mistake two years ago that i done that. And i very apology for that. I'm very sincere.

I think it is absolutely right to be review by another player !! I completely agree with you.

I can say the same thing for you : you decided alone to create cheater category without the thinking of the community... so i think you are wrong in this way too... but everyone could make errors.

To sum up, i'm very sorry for the mistake two years ago... I just really want to be mod to help you and to decided with you different improvement for this leader board.


If you want, i can delete and re-submite all the scenario with the auto verification... and you can or Rotkiller verify them...

But you can trust me that i very apology and i'm not cheater for speedrun... 🙂


I apologize for being harsh towards you; I'm not in the best state of mind right now.

I probably will get rid of Cheater% as I get more feedback on the idea. Easy to implement, hard to get right.

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Don't apologize adamdotpng !!!! I was just a little sad that you want me so much... and is my fault too.

Take the time you need to get right 😉 HoMM II is a small community so there is no problem 😉

Yes for cheater% no problem 😉