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Okay, so there's quite a few runs on our Any% (NMG) leaderboard currently that I feel we should discuss what to do with, for various reasons. Starting with:

Runs with no video proof
A few of the runs on the leaderboard have no video proof. I'm not sure how to go about timing these now that we're starting to move into loadless timing as primary timing. Currently the only 4 runners with runs without video proof are tmsdy (14th), hsmboy (15th), SimpleFlips (18th), and CWhip (19th).
Similarly, the 13th place run by momma_shockyxo apparently had video proof at one point, but the link now leads to a dead page.

Runs completed on modified console
This mainly refers to Rimato's (17th) runs, which he completed running the game through a soft-modded Wii with a ROM on an SD card (I guess). Because of this, the load times are extremely inaccurate. This serves no problem when using loadless timing, except that the site requires a time with loads, which must be equal to or greater than the loadless timing. There's no accurate way to time his runs compared to the other runs on the leaderboard.

As for the runs that haven't currently been frame-counted, I'll be going over all of them that I haven't already mentioned above and retiming them. Please contribute to this conversation, as I'd love to know what your opinions are as to what should be done with these runs.

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While I'm not a runner of the game, but a really big fan of watching the speedruns. My personal opinion would be is if these videos did have video proof at one point and were deleted, that would be totally understandable. Also considering, Twitch has A LOT of problems with wiping out VOD links. There's a lot of runs on the site with no video because of this. If they've already been verified, I don't see a reason for them to be removed. It's not like they're WR or anywhere close to it. My opinion is the same for the modified console, it's not like they're WR and it's also really old run. Just wanted to put my opinion on this. I know I'm not a runner, so it may not matter.

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@30Cents The biggest problem I have with leaving the runs with no video proof on the leaderboard is concerning our switch to loadless timing. There's no accurate way to determine this timing for any of these runs, meaning that if we ever were to permanently switch, those runs would have to be invalidated anyway.

Mods: I added a variable to the leaderboard called "Frame-counted". Any runs where both timings have been frame-counted by a mod should be marked "Yes"; any run with one or both uncounted should be marked "No"; and any run where one or both methods of timing are unavailable (such as a run with no video, or a modified console run) should be marked "N/A". With this, the only runs at issue are runs marked with "N/A"

I may go to some of the specific runners who have videoless runs and ask their opinion on this, since it especially concerns them. I'll also definitely ask Rimato, if I can get hold of him.


Personally I think it would be fine just grandfathering in the old video-less runs as they are and leaving load-less time blank for them. When we do switch to primarily load-less timing this will just relegate runs without videos to the bottom of the leaderboard, were they will then automatically sort by time with loads, which seems fair enough. As for Rimato's run I could either way about keeping or deleting it. Obviously we wouldn't allow anymore runs to be done that way, so I don't know if it's really fair to keep it, but on the other hand it's not exactly a competitive time these days, so it's not that unfair to keep it.


Upon further examination I have learned that you don't have to add a time with loads to a run, just like there doesn't have to be a time without loads. So for now I'll determine the loadless time for Rimato's run, which should put it in the right place on the leaderboard.