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I would like to know how to warp in the thief quest on the level "a warm welcome".
On Gamecube the warp is behind the hideout but i think it doesn't work on PC.
I try the warp seen on the run of Schneider (WR) but it never work for me 🙁..
Thanks for your help.

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Hi there! 🙂
The most consistent way I've found to do this warp is to long jump into the corner until you get it, you have to angle yourself in a certain way for it to work so just keep long jumping into the corner at different angles. Also the warp only works after the bar appears on your screen so make sure to wait for that first.

Here's a video showing how I do it maybe it will help:

Also join the Discord if you have anymore questions as that's the easiest place to get help


Thank you very much !
I make lots of try with the long jump in the corner but it only just make me crush under the beam.
I will retry with your angle.


I used to run into the problem of grabbing the ledge rather than warping quite often. That's why when I do it now I face sideways so I can jump next to the spot without grabbing it, then I turn towards it at the last moment and longjump into it from right beside it.

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Hey Mishigan!

Sorry for the late reply, I keep forgetting to turn notifications for on.

Anyway, since I used to be a PC runner I think I can help you with this issue.

Basically, you have to be both mostly perpendicular to the ledge you're long-jumping into, as well as be standing almost right next to it. If one or both of these isn't the case, you may need to adjust accordingly.

Hope this helps!

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It's also worth noting that the thief warp is actually slower than the new route by TheBoat11th, in which you just run ahead of the thief. The thief warp is a leftover from an old route in which there were reasons we had to unload the thief, Boat was the one who thought to check if it even saved time in this route, and discovered it was slower. His route can be seen here compared to the warp: