No Major Glitches - GameCube in 26m 07s 206ms* by SchneiderSchneider - 7th place

Time with loads: 30m 54s 300ms

Frame-counted: Yes
Submitted by:
SchneiderSchneider on
Played on:
GameCube [USA] ᴇᴍᴜ on
Verified by
chrixiam1998chrixiam1998 on


Name Duration Finished at
Dream World 0m 36s 000ms 0m 36s 831ms
An Unexpected Party 1m 07s 000ms 1m 44s 344ms
Roast Mutton 0m 55s 000ms 2m 39s 676ms
Troll Hole 0m 38s 000ms 3m 18s 058ms
Over Hill and Under Hill 4m 33s 000ms 7m 51s 894ms
Riddles in the Dark 2m 38s 000ms 10m 29s 940ms
Flies and Spiders 2m 17s 000ms 12m 47s 894ms
Barrels Out of Bond 6m 19s 000ms 19m 07s 509ms
A Warm Welcome 3m 28s 000ms 22m 35s 699ms
Inside Information 1m 40s 000ms 24m 16s 173ms
The Gathering of the Clouds 2m 44s 000ms 27m 00s 602ms
The Clouds Burst 3m 54s 000ms 30m 55s 033ms
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