Looking to learn the run, specifically starting with Azure Swallowtail. Are there any resources to get started? A pastebin guide was mentioned in WR description but not only is the WR video not available anymore to view but there’s no link to the guide either. Thanks for any help.

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Here's G_Heinz' Pastebin:
Has in-depth Cutscene requirements, affection notes and a few of his routes. I don't know if he has one for Azure, but I made an up-to-date route a few days ago. It's really unorganized and missing stuff, but I'll fix it up and put it in the guides section tonight. We also have a Discord for Harvest Moon Runs if you have any questions about routing and stuff:

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I am going to be doing some run analytics and guides on youtube soon. I'll be sure to post links and stuff when I have more to offer. I'll be starting on Bluebird any% and working out.

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