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As mentioned in the description of my Gina IL I just uploaded: I ended the time for said run at the beginning of the final cut-scene, while EmberPinball split his run at the end of the cut-scene. I'm up for re-timing either one, and making either one the official way to time, but I thought I'd share my thoughts on it --

All the Any% runs so far have been split after the final cut-scene, when the credits begin. I think this is correct and that we should continue doing this, since it's the full game's run, and the length of the final cut-scenes will differ depending on which characters you befriended...
Whereas with ILs, I've been doing the final split at the beginning of the final cut-scene, since I consider the Event Path fulfilled upon seeing the first frame of this final cut-scene required for a given Path.

I'm not sure if that's a very good argument, and like I said, I'm up for doing it either way and would be fine with re-timing all my ILs, I just thought I'd start the talk since these rules haven't been defined yet.

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Ending ILs when the cutscenes begin and leaving main categories as-is sounds good to me

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