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Could we get a new category for Marriage? The SNES Harvest Moon has something similar.

We could separate it by the 5 girls or just have one category. Either way would work.


So this is a quick proof of concept. The route is a little slow and I'm sure there are better ways to do this. Here's what I'm thinking.

1. Show Karen my dog until Pink Heart.
2. Collect 450 Lumber and 5000 G.
3. Purchase a Kitchen.
4. While Kitchen is building, collect 980 G.
5. Purchase Blue Feather when Kitchen is complete.
6. Propose and sleep until Sunday.

The video I posted above was a run that took 1 hour, 9 minutes. I feel that with the above route it could probably land closer to about 50 minutes with no major mistakes.

I have a few concerns. The collecting of the Lumber and G is pretty mind-numbing. All in all, you can get the required Lumber by about Spring 13 and the G around Spring 15. That makes for about 30 minutes of resource grinding. Not exactly the most exciting thing.

The second concern is the damn Blue Feather. Everything I've read says Pink Heart + Kitchen Completed should allow the Blue Feather to spawn in Rick's shop. What I've been finding out is that there are other factors. I'm not sure if I have to introduce myself to all the single ladies, or if I have to see the cutscenes with Karen. In the video above, the Blue Feather did not spawn until I had Pink Heart, Kitchen Complete, got locked into the Vinyard building with Karen, and visited Karen when she was sick. It was not until after I visited Karen that the Blue Feather finally spawned. I will have to do more testing here.

Can anybody see anything blatantly wrong? Is there a faster way to collect Lumber / G?


I've added the Marriage category to the leaderboard, and added your run.


Hey, thank you! I edited the run as it was done on Project 64 1.7, so I checked the Emulator box.

I appreciate it! I'm going to work on this time a lot in the coming weeks.