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I know this isn't a popular game (and considering it's age it probably will stay like that), but I just wanted to mention that the emulator is extremely faster than the actual cartridge for text (unless there is a setting somewhere on the cartridge version).

Just wanted to mention that, since many other games I've seen either don't allow faster emulators or simply have different categories.

edit - I also post this, because I own a physical cartridge and was checking out categories and decided to see what the original version runs at.

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Text can be sped up if you hold a d-pad direction, it works on console and emu. Some emulators do have faster loading, but BGB and Gambatte are 1:1 with console

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i didn't even know that lol. hope to see some runs from you chikorita!

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huh, interesting text speed increase. Guess I'm too used to holding A or B for most games. Thanks for the information!

And thanks G_heinz :P I recently hit a huge road block for my previous speedrun game so I've been looking at other games XD

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The text advancement/mashing is one of my favorite aspects of this game!

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