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Hey, so I was in G_heinz chat earlier and we were talking about possible categories for Friends of Mineral Town. I have thought about running this game a long time ago because it's my favorite Harvest Moon game but I ran into a HUGE issue. Unlike a lot of other hm games this game doesn't have any good goals I could run to. Marriage% seemed a bit lacking of a category. I thought of doing all house upgrades and cottages but the issue with that is one of the cottages requires you to be married for 50 ingame YEARS and the other cottage requires connecting to AWL.

He suggested people should start using the forums for stuff like this so I decided why not. So I guess suggest away, lets make this a reality? Any ideas guys? Who here will be my hero and grace the planet with a good FoMT category to run?


I will be quite interested to run this too as it was one of my favourite gba games. The problem with the game is as you suggested, the lack of attainable goals or goals that are too easy. Maybe we could have a goal of hitting a certain amount of money like 3 mill perhaps? Idk but otherwise it would really just be Marriage%


pirateluck Kreygasm

but yeah what he said. i was looking into gem of truth after you posted that link in my chat last night madtaz and i didn't even know you needed the 50 year cottage for that LOL. so that sucks. the other thing is that they removed the completion percentage in the menu from btn, so there's no verifiable way to gauge a category in that sense either. it's possible that if we wanted to go beyond just simple objectives like "marry" or "earn xG" we could effectively import the requirements for full completion in btn (98%, as the meter does not count to 100%) to fomt, although there would be no way to verify the completion of the category requirements in the menu.


for reference, the requirements for 98% in btn are the following:

1% for each Power Berry (10% total)
1% for each heart your dog has (10% total)
1% for each heart your horse has (10% total)
2% for each building upgrade you have (10% total)
1% for each chicken you own (10% total)
1% for each cow and/or sheep you own (20% total)
1% for each heart your wife has (10% total)
1% for each heart your child has (10% total)
1% for every 8 recipes you cook (8% total)
= 98%

it's a tall order but you could do the exact same in fomt. don't remember all the exact differences between the two games (e.g. number of recipes, full barn size, etc.), but we could tweak the requirements however necessary. would be a long run, but i guess that's sort of a theme in such a completionist sim game like this lol.


ughhh thats gonna take like at least 2 years and 1 year in fomt is like a couple of hours damn


as soon as we have some categories for this game i'd love to run it. i was considering doing a run in which the goal is to ship at least one of every crop, animal produce, etc, but that could also possibly take awhile ?