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Needed the beta update to even start the game, finished it and decided to check out the run and tried one of the clips. Could not get it, opted out of the beta patch and got it instantly but my game crashed. Should be looked into what is changing in this next update.

This is the farthest you can stand in the tree on the beta patch


Yeah, they patched the gap that enabled that clip. Best to back up an old version of the game to run on.


The problem is that without the beta patch i currently crash after inputing a name, and if i go into the save i completed already i crash on area transfer.

EDIT: Updated my graphics drivers via GeForce and it stopped doing it.


Have you tried these?

1. options.ini tweaks:
Open options.ini located in your game's install directory and change "CreateTexturesOnDemand=0" to "CreateTexturesOnDemand=1"
You can also try changing "AlternateSyncMethod=1" to "AlternateSyncMethod=0"