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Default Category Update 2 (hopefully the last)

After receiving numerous complaints, the decision has been made to restructure the Default Loadout (NG+) category regarding difficulty subcategories.



Individual Level Default Loadout Changes

The Default Loadout leaderboard for Individual Levels is now split into two subcategories: "Either Difficulty", and "Master".

"Either Difficulty" is mostly consisting of pro difficulty runs.

Only submit Master difficulty runs to "Either Difficulty" subcategory if your run is a new record on both Pro and Master.

If your Master difficulty Default run does not break the Pro Default record, just submit it to the Master subcategory only. Hopefully that makes sense.

The reason for having an "Either Difficulty" subcategory to begin with, is to give more visibility to master default loadout runs that have surpassed the pro/ default runs, and give an option of both a combined and a filtered leaderboard to satisfy both sides.

See attached images for clarity on how this will be organized.


Full Game Default Loadout Changes

Note: For the time being, Default Loadout Full Game Runs remain merged between difficulties, because in every full game category, the Default Master record is faster than Default Pro record.

If and when a faster Pro Default Full Game Run comes along, we can consider reorganizing the full game leaderboard for a difficulty split, but for now that seems premature.

Default Category Update

After some deliberation with the moderator team, the decision has been made to retire the "Default Loadout/ Any Start" category.

While an interesting concept, there were several problems with the category, in terms of logistics.

The original idea of the category was to see which default loadout/ default start records could be beaten from a non-default start, while using default loadout still.

Originally, all default loadout/ default start records were submitted to default loadout/ any start as well for completion's sake, but this became unsustainable over the long term.

Accepting only non-default start runs into "default loadout/ any start" was considered, but this resulted in people submitting slower runs on purpose than the existing default loadout/ default start strategies.

And explaining how any of the default loadout categories to newcomers was always very cumbersome (even the name of the category is so long).

The category was also just very unpopular in general.

In the end, I don't think the category is a good fit for's site layout, it is better suited as a personal challenge away from Speedrun,com.
I have archived the category here: for anyone who wants to build off of the existing knowledge and keep pushing the idea further.


In other news: After internal moderator discussion, we are staying firm to keeping difficulty (Pro/Master) as only a variable for Category Extensions. We understand that some users are not pleased by this decision, but the moderator position is that merging the subcategories improves visibility and ease of use of the site overall.

Difficulty Subcategories

As a trial, difficulty has been changed from a subcategory to a variable. This effectively merges the pro and master category extension runs onto one leaderboard.

The difficulty is still indicated on the leaderboard, and if you wish to submit both a professional and master run, both runs will show up.

The reasoning behind this change: There simply is not as much interest in master difficulty category extensions to really justify existence as a separate category.

With the exception of master/ default loadout, which is relatively popular. However, merging the leaderboard will help the master/ default loadout runs in most cases, as the master/ default runs have become more optimized than the pro/ default loadout runs in several levels.

If the change proves unpopular, it is easy to revert.

There are currently no plans to apply this difficulty merge to the main leaderboard (, as there is a higher level of interest in playing Master there.