!Peacock Server

Server replacement to get a rating screen without being connected to IOI servers, unlock all items immediately. The above link will direct you to a Discord where you can download the files and instructions needed to run Peacock server. ___________________ >>You will need to be a PC player with a legitimate copy of HITMAN 3 on Epic games, and have a Discord account that is at least a week old to get access. (external link)

By iamrdiliamrdil

Frote's Speedrun Community

Most active hub for speedrunning of the new Hitman games. Ask for help here on strategies if you need it. Also in the sidebar as a website. (external link)

By ForthesevenFortheseven

Grun IGT Adder

Please use this tool to add up IGT for full game runs. Click "Save as URL" and copy URL after entering times. Consider using a URL shorter like (external link)

By GrunGraphics

HITMAN 3 Unlocks and Mastery Guide

List of unlocks and mastery tracks from all missions/ locations of Hitman 3. (external link)

By Hitman Wiki


Interactive maps containing info on every item location, navigation feature, etc. Useful tool for routing. (external link)

By MrMikeMrMike