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I have no idea why the 5v5 Ai run on Haunted Mines got accpeted since its obviously breaking multiple rules.

The runners started a Versus A.I. game instead of a Custom game and therefor they coud not complete the requirements for rule number 2.

Oh and please remove "As if it was normal versus ai matchmaking." from the rules since multiple multiclass character exist. For example Varian but also Sonya, Tassadar and Tyrande.

Thank you.


You are right on multiple settings, although I will fix it by rephrasing the rules. They did it in an actual vs ai, which should count on its own to, since the idea of the run is to mimic vs ai. Both forms will be accepted, 1 so people can speedrun all maps and the other, for people trying it out.

Thanks for informing me though, I was being unaware.


Why is there no 5v0? but a 1v0... i figured like a team category and a non team category would be a thing... to see how fast you could physically do the map.


Oh sorry, just saw the Haunted mines 5v5 versus ai. are the runs i sended in fine or have it to be full team / created mode?


I was away for a midweek, I'll look into them as soon as I have the time. I assume everything is a okay, but you'll here from me if it's not


okay does "After long discussion it has been decided that runs with randoms in it will not be allowed" means we can do 5man vs ai or has it to be custom?


5man vs ai is allowed, just no randoms. Everyone needs to be in a party together.

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