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2 months ago
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There needs to be more mod speedruns. Like the Abandoned mod; it's one of the most famous mods in all of Hello Neighbor. Why isn't it a category?

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Here's a speedrun for the mod I did:

Texas, USA

mods aren't part of the base game, so they'd have to be their own separate leaderboards. even if mods were added as separate games on SRC, not many people would run them just because each mod varies in popularity. do note that no game has a modified version of it as a main category or even category extension.

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There are speedruns of certain mod if you go to related, you'll see some

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Yeah that's what I meant.

Texas, USA

if i sounded like i meant just a modded version of the base game, that's not what i intended. i was also talking about the mods people made through the modkit.

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