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I have my doubts this will actually be added, and I do not have a run up for this category.

The way the run would work would involve getting all the numbers required to get the special prize inside the hotel vending machine.

Run starts at door's open
Run ends at the ''puzzle solved' chime when the the item is added to Hyde's inventory.

The challenge would lie in the runner's capability to do mental math (though a calculator like the one on their phone would be encouraged), as well as the numbers changing from file to file, PLUS the missable coins.
The run MUST be completed on a NG/NG+, and all seven numbers must be found.
Loading a save at the start of the hotel and going straight to the machine as soon as possible without finding the seven stickers is prohibited.

Is this a viable run, or does it seem too complicated?


I mean the only sily thing here is saying exactly you have to play it on ng/ng+ people can play it on both in one the text is slower so hopefully if this was added that wouldn't be in the rules. and saying loading a save is prohibited is common sense. I am currently sorting out my normal run routing etc and I suck at maths so I wont be doing it but it sounds fun 🙂 maybe as an addition having to give the person the item could be fun. 😊


Hello! I like the idea, since getting the numbers in a non-random way would make the game go up to 9:00 pm, so if you (or anyone) that is willing to actually run the category, I'll make it, I don't have problems with that. But first let me address some things.

-Playing as new game/new game + is a given, but right now the categories are merged since the difference with NG+ is so big I doubt someone will intentionally run in a new game.
-If I were to create this category, I would require to have a bit more proof. I'm not asking for the whole run to be visible, but how you approach the vending machine, enter the code and get the prize, and confirm you're at 9:00, then comparing your external timer with the IGT by saving to see a minimum level of consistency between the two.

And, especially to Nodrog, but I find it easier to address this here: I have seen your run in verification, but I don't see any links to pictures. If I've missed them somehow then please tell me, if not send the run again but this time with the pictures, please.