Japanese Item list guide and chapter use.

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I have compiled a list for anyone wanting to play this game in Japanese hopefully it helps you you can use it any way you want, I may have missed some items or messed things up so please let me know so I can update things. Thank you and I really hope this helps any one, it also has the English names so if you just want the English item list and what chapter you use the items in hopefully this helps.

The English used is from the Pal game I don't know if the NA version uses different spellings and words, you do not have to play in Japanese and that may require a lot of memorization for options, that this item list cannot help with, but if any of you want to I hope it helps. 🙂

A link for an orderly item list at google docs, and for anyone who cannot view docs I will just put all the items below here but not by chapter usage. I forgot which cash is used once I sort this out I will correct it, but I used the Japanese that made the most sense in these situations to me.


Hotel dusk items アイテム
Suitcase key/Broken Suitcase Key 革包の鍵/壊れた革包の鍵      
Pager ポケベル  
Room 215 Key 215号室の鍵
Hotel Brochure パンフレット
Puzzle piece パズルのぴずピース
Paperclip/Thin wire クリップ/細い針金
Order sheet オーダーシート
Old notebook 古いノート
Client list 顧客ファイル
Screwdriver ドライバー
Crowbar バール
Pliers ペンチ
Men's Magazine グラビア雑誌
Thick Wire 太い針金
Cash ドル札
memo メモ
Rag Doll  カントリードール
Fountain pen 万年筆
Bookmark しおり
Bradley's Lighter  ブロッリーのライター
Old Photo 古い写真 
Cash 札束
Summers book サマーの小説
Mini Sewing Machine  ハンディーミシン   
Gun 挙続
Room 217 Key  217号室の鍵
Duplicate Room 215 Key  215号室の合鍵
Jeff student ID ジェフの学生証
Lobby Newspaper  フロントの新問
Adhesive Remover シールはがし
Lable ラベル
UV Light ブラックライト
Cassette tape カセットテープ
Discarded Envelope 茶色の封筒
Graphite powder 鉛筆の粉
Ballpoint Pen ボールペン
Pencil 鉛筆
Small Red Box 赤い小箱
Old Key 古い鍵
Old Paint 古い絵の具
Old Hotel Brochure 古いパンフレット
Article on Osterzone おスターゾーンの記事
Half-Full Whiskey Bottle 半分のウイスキーボトル
Osterzone Book おスターゾーンの本
Photo of dunning   ダ二ングの写真
Hammer ハンマー

Also I was reading this walkthrough and I noticed this Written by strawhat at Game FAQ
End of Chapter Q&A's
1. b
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. a

The order is always the same for the end of every chapter. I don't know why I didn't notice this before but hopefully it helps in some way 🙂 have fun and good luck 🙂