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I was looking into the categories and trying to understand what beating this game would be and how the rules match up.

I believe there are 5 shops, so a full run of this game would be shops 0-5, Levels 0-9. Ending would be Shop 59, Hats 00

Right now Any% (Shop 0) is OK, but maybe the 100% category would be Any% (All Shops)? And the rules would change to align to Shop 59, Hats 00?

Example for Any% (All Shops):

-Complete Levels 0-9 of Shops 0-5.
-Time starts with the input starting the game (after selecting music on or off).
-Time ends when "Shop 59 Hats 0" appears on the screen on Shop 5.


And Example for Any% (Shop 0):

-Complete Levels 0-9 of Shop 0.
-Time starts with the input starting the game (after selecting music on or off).
-Time ends when "Shop 09 Hats 0" appears on the screen.


Having kind of picked back up, yes it should definitely say time ends at "Shop 59 Hats 0." I will fix that.

Technically Any% and 100% aren't really applicable here, because as far as I can tell, there is no way to actually beat the game, much like Tetris. I agree with you on this matter. The only reason I have them named as such currently is because is because the GB page was up first, and in these types of situations I tend to follow precedent on stuff like this as much as I can, but I agree it's sort of inaccurate. I don't think them not matching on the NES/GB is this matter seems like an issue, so I'll change to any% as well, though maybe in the future just having "Shop 0" and "Shops 0-5" would be simpler and more appropriate.


And yea, I had "Shops (0-9)" up too. My mistake. It's confusing because on title screen that are "Shops" and "Stages" but once your in game "Stages" are then referred to as "Shops."

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I see what you mean with the GB game; didn't realize that. So actually I'm looking at the terminology again in the game, it looks like this:

Shop is 0-5, and the second digit is the Stage 0-9.

For example, when we play through Shop 0, and then keep going after the cut scene, it goes from "Shop 09 to Shop 10" (Shop 1, Stage 0). So that word Shop is only applying to the first digit.

I also believe there is an ending for this version based on what I saw from TMR's completion and also this screenshot it shows End after Shop 5, Stage 9. So I suppose that is where 100% came from. Basically it would be beat the game.


I am not sure if GB version also has an ending; maybe so!

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Ah, it appears to are right. Nice looking into it. Well, that's a good thing as you don't have to back out to main menu at all.

59 levels of Hatris. Wow, good luck if you try it.


59 Levels is insane.


Yea I would expect it would take at least 2 1/2 hours. Well, for me at least. If it got grinded down like Tetris is, no idea how low it could be yet.

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