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I was wondering if a few things could be added to the rules

-The start and stop times for the speedrun, so runners won't have to check existing runs.
-A list of accurate emulators that will be allowed (bgb, gambatte allowed; banning VBA)
-A note on SGB1 times and a link to a conversion tool if you want to allow SGB1 times.

Also, I was wondering if the other valid platforms could be added too:
-GBC, GBA, GBP, SGB2, GB, GBI, SGB(if you want to allow it)



Yeah man I'd be happy to change this stuff , I never specified any of it before because the game never got any attention. I was aware of the different framerate and refresh rates the SGB1 introduces but I'll continue to allow it because it's readily available and convenient, It also happens to be the only way I can capture my cart of the game.

I'll also be happy to edit my current time which I haven't uploaded yet, and I'll specify it in the rules.

I don't know much about the differences between the emulators, but I'll do some research and figure out which ones deserve banning and which ones don't.

I'm gonna take a look at other leaderboards for gameboy games and put together a hardware list, and I'll throw in the emulators that the communities seem to like the best.

Ultimately, I hope that expanding the platforms out will make the run a bit more accessible to more people who want to give it a shot, and get some competition running through this game.

Thanks for the input!


Thanks so much for hearing me out!
When marathons calm down, I plan to look into this run 😃


Yeah no problem! all the changes that I made give it more of an inviting vibe I think. I'll probably also make a guide listing all of the strats I've found from my 2 years with it. I ran the game at Midwinter Speedsprinter 2019 if you want to check it out but I've since retired from running for now. If you pick it up and crush my run I'll be back though XD. I'm also working on a tas as well if you want to check out the progress I've made so far

Thanks for the feedback!

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