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I notice the only run has SGB marked as the platform it was done on.
Was this a normal North American grey Super Game Boy 1?

The SGB runs Gb games too fast (61.17fps opposed to the proper 59.727...). This leads to noticeable advantage while running a game on SGB vs SGB2 or other hardware.

Since it's consistently fast, generally boards allow SGB1 times, but only after conversion (

You can also read a bit more about it here:



Yes it was a SGB1 and I adjusted the rules and provided the link to the converter and will edit my existing runs and all future runs.
I love the SGB1 despite it's faults, it's an extremely convenient way to capture my GB carts without selling my soul to ebay for a gameboy player
The SGB1 will continue to be fully supported for Hatris

Thanks for pointing all of this stuff out to me by the way, never felt the need to specify all of the things I wouldn't be using, but now everything has been updated for anybody to squash my time in the only game I can say I'm the best in the world at. 😃