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So.... this game is pretty fun to run.... except for the 40 minute autoscroller smack dab in the middle of the run. Just like Super Mario Sunshine has their ~6 to 7 minute long cutscene at the start of the game with just a little bit of gameplay sprinkled in, I would like to vote to have both Arcadia City and Arcadia Outskirts be counted toward the run with a time we choose acceptable for both levels, but not actually have to play either mission in a single segment attempt.

Arcadia City is literally just the first ~11 to 12 seconds of gameplay every time then sitting there for 20 minutes doing nothing, and Arcadia Outskirts is literally the same time every time as long as you get the Covenant base (and let's face it, who doesn't get the base in time really?). Frenchie and I just got done with our first full run (terrible CH10 and CH15 might I add haha) but man, the 40 minutes of waiting is atrocious.

I'd like to hear your guys' thoughts on this subject. We figured we'd at least mention it to start the conversation. Thanks guys! 🙂

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As much as I'd like to skip these levels, they should not be able to be skipped. The whole point of any% is a run of the whole game, not 2/3s of the game.

If you make that argument then you could argue skipping Cleansing as well as it's an autoscroller as well.

If you want to make those levels interesting, you could play them on legendary 😜 Arcadia City is arguably the hardest level on legendary.

People speedrun RPGs where 80% of the time is just button mashing through text. It's part of the whole game run unfortunately. I just use the time to take a break.

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Unfortunate. Alrighty then, we'll be getting our sub 1:30 this weekend and then promptly drop this game haha. It was worth a shot. 😉