25,000 point leaderboard?
3 years ago
Pennsylvania, USA

would there be any interest in opening up a leaderboard for 25,000 points? Started playing around with it just to break the monotony of trying to get that sub 1 minute 5k haha.

I'm not sure at what level exactly (tends to be around 18-20k points) Michael gets another major speed boost, becoming as fast as you. Makes for an intense bit of the final stretch. Figured I'd post here and see if there is any interest and what the opinions are on it.

Nevada, USA

I have no problem with a new board being made if there is a time to submit to the board. If you complete a run let me know.

Pennsylvania, USA

Sounds good, I've done a few already. This is the link to my current PB.

Nevada, USA

done, go ahead and submit it :)

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