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Edit: The competition has ended. Big thanks to everyone for participating!

It was an absolute thrill to get to see everyone push their PB's lower and lower, great job to all our runners.

Congratulations to our winners!

1st Place
3:59 by Vorime

2nd Place
4:19 by Ellomenop

3rd Place
4:35 by Haelian


Must have a Nighty Night Any% Speedrun SUBMITTED to the leaderboard by April 11th 10AM HST. As long as it's submitted before that time it will be valid if verified. Runs do not need to be verified by the deadline. Runs do need to be verified to be eligible for the competition. In the event that 3 sub 6 runs are not submitted to the leaderboard by the deadline, prize(s) will be given to next fastest non sub 6 run(s).

Runs currently on the leaderboard at the time of this post ARE NOT eligible for this competition.

Be sure to check the Rules for submitting a run to the leaderboard.

Prize Pool: $175 USD + $100 (Thanks to guardianRoborn for increasing the prize pool!)

1st place: $150 USD
2nd place: $75 USD
3rd place: $50 USD

Places are determined by fastest sub 6 times submitted to the leaderboard.

Be sure to join the Hades Speedrun Discord here: https:/​/​discordapp.​com/​invite/​zN7cc8Z

The resources tab has the current WR seed available.

Current Route:
Tartarus: https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​hqPSBjEN
Asphodel: https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​BanUAULa
Elysium: https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​HFkWEZtE

Good luck everyone and have fun!

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In case you are unsure when exactly the deadline to submit your run is in your time zone:



Current rough notes for alternate elysium route. Starts at well in first combat room in elysium and is routed through Styx