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Submission Requirements

A. Completion
The encounter must be completed, which usually happens when
• the boss has been defeated,
• the boss performed its last action,
• the enrage timer disappears and/or
• the reward chest appears.

B. Player Limit
You cannot utilize a cumulative amount of players exceeding the maximum amount of which would be allowed in the instance at any given time.

C. Video Evidence
Submissions must have video evidence from start to finish, which cannot be interrupted and/or cut before the encounter is completed.
• Reasonable exceptions can be made, such as speeding up the intermediate phase on Xera or the event prior to Dhuum spawning.
• There must always be a point of view showing what is happening in a run — if someone does something separate from the squad, it must be recorded.
• If submitting a video from Twitch, make sure it is not a "past broadcast", as those are temporary and will eventually be deleted.

D. DPS Report
Submissions must include a DPS log parsed with Elite Insights for every completed encounter.

E. Chinese Game Version
Runs completed on the Chinese version of the game will only be accepted, if they limit themselves to things available in the main version of the game. Any Infusion exceeding +5 Attributes is forbidden.

F. Balance Patches
Should the developers introduce a patch that breaks and / or massively buffs one or multiple classes, and then fix and / or nerf those changes within two weeks, all corresponding submissions will be removed from the website.

This rule applies to all changes within the related patch.


Basic Restrictions

A. Abilities, Traits & Pets
• Placing Traps/Preparations, before the timer starts, is limited to one per ability per player.
• Stacking "Light on your Feet" is prohibited if the corresponding trait is removed before the timer starts.
• Racial Abilities are prohibited.
• Abilities exclusive to the Digital Deluxe or Collector's Edition of Guild Wars 2, are prohibited.
• Ranger Pets tied to Hall of Monument rewards and therefore Guild Wars 1 are prohibited.

B. Equipment
• Stacking Sigils (Bloodlust, Cruelty etc.), before the timer starts, is prohibited.
• Summons from Runes (Ogre, Golemancer etc.) are prohibited if the corresponding Runes are un-equipped before the timer starts.

C. Nourishment & Enhancement
• Enhancements granting attributes upon revival (Sharpening Skulls, Flasks of Pumpkin Oil etc.) are prohibited.

D. Interface Glitches
Abusing the interface to perform otherwise impossible actions is prohibited.
This includes but is not limited to:
• Having a Ranger Pet while being merged on Soulbeast
• Keeping passive effects of Signets after swapping them out
• Casting skills and swapping them without the slot going on cooldown due to trait line movement

E. Extreme Glitches
Runs may not include the usage of extreme bugs which de-legitimize the run, such as:
• Precasting multiple preparations
• Dealing DPS far beyond what should be possible, such as with the Shadow Flare or renegade trait bugs
• The boss deciding to despawn before the win condition is met


Categories & Timing Methods

A. Single Encounters
The submission time starts when the Enrage Timer of the encounter starts and finishes once the encounter has been completed.
• Time = [Total enrage] - [Time remaining].
• This means a kill with x:59 remaining will be an x:01 kill time.

An encounter without any, with multiple or with an extended Enrage Timer has to be timed manually. In this scenario, the submission video cannot be sped up or slowed down.
• The timer for Siege the Stronghold starts on the frame in which the first player moves and/or performs an action and finishes on the frame in which Reward Chest appears.
• The timer for Deimos starts on the frame in which the green begins to render and finishes on the frame in which Deimos' HP bar disappears.
• The timer for Dhuum starts on the frame his HP bar appears at 2:12 (to account for the pre-event) and finishes when the interface disappears.
• The timer for Twin Largos starts with the frame on which Nikare becomes vulnerable and finishes on the frame in which the Reward Chest appears.

B. Wings and Full Clears
Proximity-based dialogue may be triggered prior to the attempt.
The timer starts upon the first movement or action upon spawning. You may return to the spawn point to start a new attempt as long as there is no difference from loading into a fresh instance other than proximity-based dialogue.
The timer ends when the last encounter has been completed.

• Players may leave/join the raid instance, but the players/accounts have to stay the same.
• In wing clears, at least one player has to remain in the instance at all times, to ensure that the same instance is used until the run finishes.

In full clears:
• All players have to be in the instance when completion credit for each encounter is given.
• Only instances made available to you based on your current run are allowed to be used. For example, opening and killing an end boss and then reopening the wing to do the beginning is prohibited.
• Wings and encounters can be done in any order as long as it follows the above rule.

C. Lowman
Lowman runs (excluding solos) will append 10 hours multiplied by the player count to the timer, to automatically sort the leaderboard by player count.


Glitchless vs. Glitched

There may be arguments over the definition of glitch, or what the developers’ intentions are.
However, for the purposes of sorting the leaderboards, anything that could be perceived as notably different than a typical run (and therefore not comparable to a glitchless run) should be placed in the glitched category.

Going out of bounds:
• An area which requires movement other than normal/dodge jumping to get to.
• Scenarios, where a series of precise normal jumps ("Jumping Puzzles") are done.
• Passing through or getting inside map geometry.

No attacking hostile inactive enemies. If you can walk up to an enemy and he does nothing then this is considered inactive.

Skipping mechanics by using glitches.

Gorseval the Multifarious
• Pulling/pushing Charged Souls to avoid having to kill them individually.

Keep Construct
• Causing Keep Construct to skip a phase, by breaking its Defiance Bar at the same time as a phase transitions.

• Skipping the split-phases in P2 via Continuum Split or standing on the edge of the arena.

• Preventing Shared Agony from being applied at the intended points in the fight.

• Causing the split-phase to function abnormally. Samarog should only come out when Rigom dies.

• Escaping the Demonic Realm with Continuum Split. You should only be able to escape by bringing Saul to 50% HP.

• Preventing or escaping Spirit Form. You should only be able to exit Spirit Form by reaching five stacks of Energy Threshold.

Conjured Amalgamate
• Using Continuum Split to cast Conjured Slash multiple times.

Cardinal Sabir
• Forcing a loading screen which causes portals to ignore their restrictions.
• Standing off the boss platform in order to prevent him from casting major abilities for the remainder of the phase

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