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I found out that you can press escape and go to the main menu before a death or bad time in a stage, and it'll let you go back to the stage at the time you entered it at in the first place if you click continue.
I don't know if this is allowed in a run. I haven't done it myself, but i feel like a lot of time could be saved. It is kinda like in game time vs real life time. Dying to hear some opinions though, what do you guys think?


Ngl I feel like this is how the sub 6 minute runs happen, it should probably be allowed though.


yes I knew about that all along but I never used it neither, I don't think it's illegal tho


I would say that it's disallowed for the time being until I look into this further.

@Wannab33Wannab33 thanks for bringing this up, I appreciate it

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