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i decided to try and optimize a couple of the slower/less consistent levels in the game and came up with a couple potential optimizations/strats for consistency for 22, 35, and 36


not even sure if this is faster but its definitely more consistent than using the spinner


this is a pretty obvious optimization honestly. it's super easy, saves some time, and makes 35 more consistent. good level.


this one is by far the hardest skip, but it's easily the best one. on the upside if you miss the skip you have a pretty good chance to salvage it into a normal 36

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How much faster is that 35 strat?
I've attempted that 36 strat before but haven't gotten it consistent, from my attempts it looks like it saves a little over half a second over an optimal normal 36.


35 looks like it saves at least a half a second.


35 saves ~.5 seconds and is more consistent