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Since there's no way of downgrading a game on console (to my knowledge) am I going to have a hard time speedrunning Gta V on the latest patch? I'm not really sure why patch 1.27 is the best for speedrunning. I've seen a DarkViper "Facts and Glitches You Don't Know" video in which he says that the main reason why we run on patch 1.27 is because there will be no waves in the ocean for the remaining of the game after you complete a mission. Is that the only reason? I'm running Trevor% on ps4 btw.

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There's a way to downgrade the game in console but you downgrade to the patch 1.0, you can't downgrade to 1.27. You're not going to have a hard time playing on the latest patch, you won't be able to be competitive though but that's not only for being in the latest patch but for being in console. The patch 1.27 has many advantages like: No waves on ocean, it avoids a bug that despawns the mission Monkey Business, It removes the need to press enter to leave mechanic, and none of the newer cars spawn on roads (most of which are worse than the older cars).

If you want to know the way to downgrade to 1.0 answer to this post

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Thanks for the answer!

Regarding the downgrade, is it better to run on 1.0 than on the latest patch? I'd like to know how to do the downgrade if it is !


I sincerely don't know which patch is better. I assume that 1.0 can be better in terms of running, but there are lots of bugs in that version that can end up screwing your experience. Downgrading is also a pain in the ass so it's up to you.

As you may know, the downloading process of GTA V is split, first, you have the shortest download, the one that goes through PlayStation where you can't open the game and you need internet for, and then you have the 2nd download which is much bigger but goes through GTA V where you can open the game (Even though the only thing you see is an image with the downloading percentage) and you don't need internet for.
Well, to downgrade first you have to uninstall GTA V and start installing it again, but when you reach the 2nd download you have to disable all kinds of internet connection, this will make the game download the factory version (1.0). When the download is finished you can activate the internet of your console again but, and this is very important, each time that you want to launch the game and it asks you to update, you have to select an option called "Play without connection" or smth like that.

That would be it but as I said is a pain in the ass since you have to reinstall a 70gb game and you can't even play online, but if you have a good internet connection and you don't play much online it may be worth for you to downgrade.

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Alright thank you very much for your answers! I think i'm gonna stick to the current patch for now, I'm running Trevor% so I assume the patch will not give me as much trouble as if I was running Classic% or 100%

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Nah, for now, you should worry about improving your skills and shaving off time in other ways. If you ever get to a point where you think that your times are pretty well optimized and you can't save much time from other ways you can consider downgrading.

Have a good day!

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Personally I feel perfectly comfortable with running on patch 1.50 the waves don't really bother you if your running trevor% the only mission that is different with waves is Daddy's little girl, which if you can master that mission on the latest patch, you should be fine.

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