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This is an update to the autosplitter script to include load time removal. Give it a shot.

uint missions : "eflc.exe",0x00DA58B0,0x10;
uint isLoading : "eflc.exe",0x00099F90,0x10;
return current.missions == old.missions+1;
return current.isLoading==0;

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Did the first couple of missions and seems to work, stopped timer counting all the loads, fades in and out for cutscenes, taxis also stopped the timer for the fucking awful inconsistent I Luv LC load we time in RTA SeemsGood


Any chance of modifying it for IV? @anyone

sick stuff


what version does this work for? I can't get it to work either on or steam version


Updated autosplitter + load time removal for support with both and

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5 months late 🙁
Thanks though!


Just pushed an update to the script to fix a glaring issue in which using the video editor causes the timer to reset. ?

Better late than never! I recently took interest in this game and I'm wanting to learn and run it. However, naturally I'm too lazy to split manually, so this script needed updating. ?


This was my first full speedrun and it was pretty fun. I think you'll definitely enjoy it.

And yeah manual splitting sucks, so I just ran a timer without splits. 🙂

Again thanks for updating it. I was gonna do it myself 6 months ago but was too lazy to learn how to do it 😕


The autosplitter doesn't work for me. I tried downgrading as well and it recognizes both versions, but doesn't start or split.

Update: If I change the false to true the script clearly works, but I can't figure out what is wrong with it.


I moved to this autosplitter and it worked for me. My version is Patch 2 using the xliveless crack. I think the crack also needs to be on for it to work. It has cases for both Patch 2 and Patch 3. The start and resets are funky and it doesnt split at the end. But it does everything else. Just the beginning and ending need to be done manually. Though I think it would be hard to automate those as it is. Make sure to disable start and reset in livesplit when adding the script.

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Yeah, it turned out I needed xliveless for it to work. Should be available in the resources here and specified you need it to work and maybe a guide or something on how to install it. Had to look up a youtube video to figure that out even as the readme doesn't specify the location or anything.

Thanks for the response anyways. I wouldn't have ever gotten it to work otherwise.