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I'd like to propose to change the established rules for the category Hooker% (GTAV). A few months ago, the rules for the miscellaneous categories where you don't finish the game changed so you could skip prologue and start from an auto save file in Franklin & Lamar. I think that this would be a good change since there isn't any strategies that are hard to do or that are specially used in this category. I already retimed the leaderboard and it would be like this:

1st Demetrius: 3:56
2nd Akja: 4:04
3rd S3bol: 4:44
4th D4ddyWalrus: 5:16
5th TKM: 5:17
6th: EmeraldStar82: 5:52

I think that this might be a good change but now is up to the mods deciding if they change the rules or not. Thanks in advance