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The new build of this PS2 conversion had arrived!

Fixes and changes:

- added some missing data files
- optimised handling.cfg (contained a lof of unused vehicle parameters)
- surface.dat converted and added
- language file conversion for NTSC version owners, so they can play with the mod too
(more info in the "readme" file!)
- radio volumes fixed

Side notes:

I used ULTRAiso for importing the moded files into the ISO dump of my legit GTA 3 copy.

Tested on 1.40 EU release with PCSX2 and OPL (USB) method. ( Please, test it with HDD method, if it's available for you.)

Download link:


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can you please stick to 1 thread my friend

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Yes, lord Chaos% Master. O:) Is it possible to delete the previous one?



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Thanks a lot, I highly appreciate it 🙂

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UPDATE: I tested the mod and it's fully completable with Any% criterias in it's current state. Has anyone else tried it?


Tried this on a backwards compatible PS3, 20gb (Full hardware) model and doesn't seem to work sadly.

Tested the build in emulator to make sure it worked (it did), so can confirm that PS3 is a no-go for this if anyone was curious. Haven't tested it on PS2 yet, don't have it setup currently.