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So we've discussed the idea of this a few weeks ago. For those who don't know, I suggested that we reate segmented categories for VCS on the Extension Boards like for SA.

This way, runners who have had a very good first half of their runs but the second part killed it, or just don't want to run the game in its entireity (in 1 go) will have a place to submit their results.

Here are a few suggestions to break the game up:
• Chapter I: from New Game to the completion of 'To Victor, the Spoils'
• Chapter II: from Empire Site #2 (where you appear after Chapter I) to the completion of 'From Zero to Hero'
• Chapter III: from starting 'Brawn of the Dead' (with no Empire sites taken over on Vice Beach) to Any% completion
• Chapters I-II: from New Game to the completion of 'From Zero to Hero'
• Chapter III as defined in Version A

Either way, strats that are not applicable for a full Any% should not be allowed.

What do you guys think? Would there be demand for this?

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I was just thinking about something like this. I was thinking 'Soldier' to 'From Zero To Hero' and 'Brawn of the Dead' to 'Last Stand', so basically a category for each island.

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