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I don't have a good pc to play GTA V, and there is no way for my PS3 to record GTA. So I submit the category here:
Cheat% (GTA V)
Timer starts at Ludendorf text screen
Timer ends at the end of last mission (any of the ending)
Rules of Any%NMS apply
Along with that, game cheat codes are allowed

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If you know the rules then you should also know that we only add categories that people actually do/have done runs of lol

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What if someone has an idea for a category that wasn't done before, they might be the first to post it here on the leaderboards, but if it catches on, more people might run it.

You/the mods are suggesting that you first spread the word about your meme run idea, get a bunch of people to do it, making sure that you/the mods know about it as well, then submitting it, as well as getting that bunch of people to submit it.

Sounds simple enough.


(But I understand why - can't make any arbitrary category just to give the one who came up with it a free WR)

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Booskop has a great point, though! My friend doesn't like Grand Theft Auto, but he always gives me new and exciting ideas for a category that I couldn't even think about. Moreover, some of the ideas he gave me aren't registered on any GTA V forum or community in any social media network! Recently, I started to play gta 5 android and see if I could complete the same categories on the mobile version. I was surprised to see the game is the same as the PC version, and it doesn't limit you from doing anything.


Met, there is no official mobile port of GTA V

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If you know the rules then you should also know gta 5 apk indir modsuper