What about starter save%? From what I know I think it can be completed on any GTA game. So it will be a fun category.

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Do a run of that then submit it, maybe mods will add this (which i doubt they will)


Even if they wont, meme lb still exists


Starter save% should first off all be properly defined.
In SA for instance you can get 13.37% before starting the first mission, but you can also get 3 girlfriends, do burglary, get max stats/weapon skills, get highscores on the arcade games etc. So it depends heavily of what you expect runners to do.

That said - I would definitely enjoy seeing someone running it. I just hope (for runners' sake) it won't be even longer than 100% - which it might be if too many "arbitrary" tasks are added.


Well, you'll have to complete everything you can to increase your completion percentage, without triggering any story mission. I've got the idea from ZMOONCHILD's Youtube channel, which is doing right now on Vice City and San Andreas, but a standard playthrough.


Yeah that's nice and all but that's your idea of it. Maybe some people would insist that you also have to complete Burglary for instance.

That's why there has to be a general consensus about the definition of 13.37% or Starter Save%.

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I suggest 2 possible ways of implementing this:

• You can start a run by loading any save, as long as no story missions have been completed on that save

• You must start a run by loading a save that has achieved 13.37% without story missions and without major glitches.

Edit: No cheats of course on either way

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