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One of the reasons that these boards were created was because people wanted a section to put their dupeless runs (as well as segments of runs, but that's not relevant in this situation). Most of the runs on the main board use duping, so there is no reason to separate the categories on the main boards based on that aspect.

Originally posted by Thundereveryone doesn't do Any% with duping.

Yes, this is correct. If nobody does it then why would there be a reason to move it to the main boards?


Barely anyone runs dupeless compared to regular categories, this is because it's slower. Want to go fast as the name speedrun suggests? Dupe.
'Not everyone knows how to dupe' it's not hard, there are plenty of guides out there I even made one myself.
'not everyone likes to dupe because for some people, it spoils the fun by skipping missions' Disliking a speedrun because it goes fast and skips stuff is beyond dumb.
'this kind of category is more of a classic run category' no it isn't lol. The classic categories are any%/AM/100%

The only reason any% no SSU exists in VC is because regular any% is awful.

At the end of the day, if you choose to run dupeless you are actively making a choice to play the game slower. That is your choice and you are still doing any% whether it is dupeless or not. That doesn't mean you should get your own category on the main boards because only a small minority even run dupeless and there's a reason for that......

it's slow
are fast

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Not everyone knows how to dupe and not everyone likes to dupe because for some people, it spoils the fun by skipping missions (for both the player and viewers)

Speedrunning doesn't care if you don't want to learn the strats. Go fast or go slow, it's up to you (and your viewers I guess, if you really let them dictate that), but a new category should not be added to the main boards every time someone wants to tweak the set rules.

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Why you want dupeless on main leaderboards? If you want to do dupeless and submit it to main leaderboard, submit it on normal Any%, where's the problem?

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Because duping is cheating BabyRage and it's not fair BabyRage

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Think about this from an outsiders perspective. You want to see how fast your favorite game has been beaten, not how fast the game has been beaten with limitations that make it slower