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Greetings, the purpose of this thread is to talk about the decision about deleting segments from SA Memes leaderboard, decision that im fully agree since the arguments for it were really fair.

Though lately, especially for NMG tournament that is taking place, i noticed that most of NMG segments were really competitive in terms of how many people is running them and trying to optimize the segment as far as they can, especially in Badlands and (Dupeless) Los Santos.

No Major Glitches category has been growing exponentially and the community behind the players that lead the fastest times in those leaderboards has been prove that the segments could be a interesting, competitive and fun way to improve your gameplay through the segments.

My proposal for all this is to integrate NMG segments to current SA Memes leaderboards to document all these times that in my opinion can represent a really competitive challenge for these players that are looking to improve their times in NMG.

Back to the reason why Any% Segments were deleted, bcuz of the giant changes that Any% route were suffering, in case of No Major Glitches, there's not going to be a change that big, so integrating the sentence "Run must follow No Major Glitches route without any setup that doesnt respect RTA gameplay" (sorry to phrase it poorly but you get my point) doesnt seems like a really crazy idea to put into rules, easy to follow, and as an idea, making RTA saves for each segment, and integrate them into the rules is a good way to make sure that every run will be fair.

For the timmings i suggest:

Badlands: Start at triggering the marker of Badlands Mission / Ends at the end of Are You Going To San Fierro?

San Fierro: Start at skipping Wear Flowers in Your Hair Cutscene / Ends at Yay Ka Boom Boom end.

Desert: Start at skipping Monster cutscene / Ends at Stowaway end.

Las Venturas: Start at skipping Fender Ketchup cutscene / Ends at A Home in The Hills end.

RTLS: Start at skipping Vertical Bird cutscene / Ends at firetruck falling from the bridge at end of the game.

I would love to know if you agree or dont with adding NMG segments to meme leaderboards, i'm sorry if this sounds any stupid but i genuinelly think its a great idea and could be really competitive, thanks for reading!

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>Run must follow No Major Glitches route without any setup that doesnt respect RTA gameplay

What if I don't do something RTA, that IS slower but more convenient to me? Why should I store an NRG before TLF, if I, for instance, want to complete Interdiction on Sanchez later in the run? And not storing NRG, using it for TLF instead of Desert, will make me in the lead amongst other NMGSFPERCINT runners.

I don't respect any of the categories that are telling me to 'use RTA strats'. Fuck it, let's create ILs that would use RTA strats i.e. Community Golds Leaderboard (even that would be a better idea though).

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I'm not sure I really understand the logic here. When the original segments were made, people also assumed the route wouldn't change that much. It then became a huge mess because of that single oversight. Now you want NMG segments and have the exact same assumption, all because of a temporary tournament? Doesn't make much sense imo

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I think the same assumption that was made for Any% is more fair for NMG, since there won't be a giant skip that make them unfair again without calling it a "Major Glitch" being completely realistic, and the tourney was only that made me to realize the competitive aspect of NMG segments, this could be an option way before the tournament since people were grinding segments already iirc, not as much as today and thats obvious, but in my opinion time changes and today this could be something doable and doesnt seems that crazy imo, idk

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