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Hello everyone

As some of you have noticed, many categories have been revamped in the last few days. Some have been updated, some renamed and some have been removed entirely. These choices were for a number of reasons, some have been dead for years and others have been discontinued due to new rulesets in their respective categories. Reminder that having a leaderboard should not be a factor for running a category, and you can still continue to push these categories if you desire.

We've also revamped the segments for GTA III, Portland now has a more concrete timing to it (ending at Payday For Ray start instead of Last Requests end) and Staunton/Shoreside have been added as well. Be sure to check the respective timings and rules when submitting to those, and we will be treating them as a clean slate from today onwards.

Any questions or queries feel free to reach out to the team!

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