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Hey all, GTAM 2016 is coming up and I'm just wondering if you guys wanna move to Discord for this marathon over mumble?

I've heard some say Discord is simple and a lot of people only come on to the mumble for the marathon so might be worth going a simple route this time around.

Let me know what you think:

A: Mumble
B: Discord


GTA mumble is already well-established within the community and it'd be pointless to move in a way.

I also have no idea what Discord has to offer that the SRL IRC and mumble combined don't have. So don't count my vote, but I'd rather stay with mumble just because I'm already used to it.


Not a big fan of Discord's UI, and the mumble works pretty well, so why change?


Discord is great imo, but most people that are relevant use IRC and mumble atm so lets not lose anyone in the needless transition.

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i've never used Discord for audio so i can't compare with mumble

but to answer mhmd, compared with IRC, you don't need to be connected 24/7 to get every messages and you can create a bunch of channels for everyone to see

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Discord seems to be superior to Mumble + IRC in every way. The problem is transitioning. While I am all for a transition away from Mumble, I don't think gtamarathon would be the best option to start with, as undoubtably there's going to be some getting used to. Probably better to start with some smaller marathon to try it (like an annual big race.)

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there will be billions of race restream on GTAMarathon with the tournament starting this friday


I wouldn't say Discord is superior to IRC in every way. While it's nice that there is a message history on Discord so you don't have to be online all the time, using an established protocol like IRC also has it's advantages like being able to access it with a wide array of programs. Not sure how open Discord is to other clients, but there probably won't be many good alternatives if you don't like the standard one.

For some reason I don't like the Discord layout that much, I feel like it's harder to get an overview of the messages, but maybe it just needs some getting used to.


Gaël, Discord would be a much better choice than Skype for GTA3 Tournament

But... for GTAM I'd rather to stick to Mumble. I used Discord's voice chat only once and it disconnected me from it without any reason and notification after about 3 hours. Mumble is stable and was tested for years, I'd personally stick to it. It's also lighter than Discord resource-wise (I'm probably the only one who cares about that)


I'd say don't bother with Disscord yet. It still has to take off, and if it will, we can always switch later. No need to be early.


somebody could start a #gta discord right now and then see how many people are using it until gtam


OK fine I made one, let's see how it goes I guess