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I'm willing to be a game accepter/rejecter/whatever, and other assistance with the marathon.

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I'd offer to help with scheduling and shit, but other people are on it already so I'm just going to watch by the sidelines


Signing up as a restreamer, maybe will be able to help with other stuff too


Depending on what date you decide I might submit for gta3 100%, but I really just want to do ULTIMATE SUPER QUIZ again.

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If the date is good for me then I could do a main category run for GTA3, sounds pretty good

But please try to find a better solution than that laggy-ass RTMP server, it was absolute garbage to commentate last time, because the video was lagging to a level that it was unwatchable. What was worse is when it was lagging on the stream. Runners streaming to hitbox and then the restreamer capping that could be a solution.
Sorry for the off, I just wanted to put this out there so there is time to fix it maybe. It was the only big issue last time and it would be really good if it was fixed from now on.


I could help with game accepting/scheduling if needed. Also if a new RTMP server is really required, I can offer assistance on setting that up.


I would be down to restream if needed.

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If we're going to do January, try to avoid conflicting with GDQ.

February is potentially a bad month for my availability.

If there's something I can assist with, please contact me on discord KZ_Frew#9190. I can't promise I can help with everything, but GTAM needs to live on, so I'll try.


is Easter (Fri. 14th - Mon. 17th of April) good (because it's an holiday for most people) or a bad (because people tend to visit family on Easter) ?

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March/April as usual, i think


I am unsure about restream but I will see, but if there is going to be another GTA Trivia I can help organize that (get questions what not)


I'd rather have it during April, thats when spring break is and most people aren't doing anything

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Can anyone here explain why they voted for January? Seems everyone that has posted has said that April would be best yet January is still the top voted.


Uni ends for me early January, so I will have the whole month free until my MSc starts. During April, I will have midterms. February is good as well, though, maybe also March.


tbh, you can probably discount one of the january votes. It was only after i voted that i realised that my vote as a viewer only is less important that the ones made by people who will be running/organising...


Joshimuz, January just works better for me, for no reason other than that it just does


Nice to still see some action and interest !

While I really don't care who ends up hosting, I still have to add that the RTMP that has been used for the past events might have been laggy for some users but it's really up to the overall routing. It's behind a symmetric fast line with a rather powerful dedicated server in a datacenter, 10meters away from the PE router and no caps are being introduced on my end (I have my ways of knowing this). Let's just say that usage has hit 1-2% of the capacity even during peaks 🙂
Although it still doesn't mean that everyone gets it nice and clean, one way is to do a lower bitrate transcode with more latency as it's tweaked to be pretty much as low latency as possible in it's current state. It might show perfectly fine for 3/4 users across the globe but every fourth user can find it unusable even with a beefy line.

Just saying that even if someone restreams RTMP, someone will run in to similar issues at some point.
A hitbox re-stream might be for the better since it has content servers around the world, which is really the only way to get around the routing issue. You can always configure a RTMP relay to push to twitch/hitbox simultaneously, which might help to get around some latency issues along with helping with embedding it on layouts as raw rtmp feed.

Anyway, I'll try to watch and stick around during this marathon since I've been away from GTA a bit too much for the past year or two 🙂

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