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I found the Bingo Sheets on stream often a bit hard to follow, especially connecting the colors with the runners if the colors are rather similiar. Also it may be a bit cumbersome to edit an image to mark stuff manually.

I've started making a Bingo Sheet in HTML/CSS/JS which can be locally opened (so it's not a web service, although it could also be a basis for one I guess). The bingo cards and players are defined in a JS file. The sheet has dedicated rectangles for each player on each card to put a marker, which can be just a color (doing that goal), a cross (can't do goal) and a checkmark (goal done). The states can be changed with the mouse. The states are saved in HTML5 local storage, so they shouldn't be lost when the page is reloaded (although not all browsers seem to store it permanently when using the file:// protocol, since there is no actual domain).

This is a rather quick hack and by far not perfect, but I was just wondering if anyone thinks this could be useful.

This is what it looks like (using the GTA3 bingo as an example):

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I think a tool like this is needed, would having the page online make it editable by commentators ? (for example,zoton was kinda tired and/or busy during that bingo race and didn't keep up with objective completion, instead of eidgod telling him to edit the sheet he could himself and some kind of autorefresh would update it on stream)

Also I think it can improved with having each red/blue/yellow/gree rectangles being a quarter of each tiles. upper/bottom left/right.


Synchronization between several users would require some serverside code. For now I designed it to be usable locally, but I'm sure it could be developed to be useable on a server as well. I was already thinking about that. Could even be used for viewers to view the sheet directly, while only some have edit access (with a password or something).

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by your other suggestion.


I've been thinking about editing the sheet online and the easiest way would probably be if only one person edited it at a time (kind of a master sheet for the others). Otherwise it would be pretty easy for people to overwrite eachothers changes.


I created a repository for what I have already done:

There is also an online example: (you can change the markers locally for yourself, the loading from the server is only a static file for testing)