Post all findings here, there is a google doc but anyone can edit it so I won't link it yet in case people mess around with it.

Story so far:

I found out you could remote access a sub mission (turns out you can ONLY do this with a firefighter):

Bubblebobbler got interested and started to experiment soon discovering you can run into a rampage with a stored sub mission, as you run into the marker you let go on the stored mission. It starts the rampage but fails the sub mission, this will keep you in the rampage but at the same time kick you out of the rampage mission so you can start missions.

Duping Slacker

Confirmed on: PSP, PS2 so it isn't just an emu trick.


tested a bunch of missions, but, the main potentially useful ones:

munitions dump: pass on failing the mission (drowning in the water nearby)
cash clash: passes during the cutscene when taking 2nd mission
crazy 69: dupes the forellis, unfortunately there's not an instant pass trick because failing the mission 'kills' them but not with the katana as requested


There is a thread about om0 stuff on GTAF:

I'd like to know everything related to Taxi Driver duping. How does it work, what do you need to do. Where are videos related to it?

Can you x3 it with Avenging Angels?
Can you dupe it even more with Bumps & Grinds?

I'd also like to have a link to duping testing results. In private if necessary.


ho selecta instapass working on android:

suppose i should mention method for om0 is the backup duping on PSP, wait out the rampage timer then on 0:00 pickup rampage and start ambulance..

Also tested the Ambu instapass and as patrick mentioned somewhere else the app just closes.

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Ok after talking with Patrick and trying the ambulance instapass on Android 2.2 its actually possible.

Super long video of me being shit (the good stuff happens @14:55)

What I did following Patrick's instructions

1. Get B&G menu with Trial 5 unlocked so that you can cancel Paramedic after the instapass.

1. Dupe B&G using vigilante (you need to keep B&G menu all the way till ambu insta)
2. Get an ambulance and get to a rampage for om0 Ragin' RC
3. Get rampage om0 using ambulance
4. With the rampage enter Ragin' RC van & Exit it once the fade starts (the fade before the mission starts).
5. Wait for the rampage to time out
6. Enter Ambulance and start Paramedic, it instapasses.
7. Wait for 10 seconds.
8. Starting Time Trial 5.
9. Wait for the shadow realm to load then wait a couple of seconds and reset/destroy the RC Car
10. Save and load to cancel Ragin RC


Same as above but on PSTV (PSP version)


Info in description


There is a mobile v2.1+ only Taxi Driver instapass. \o/



[7:46 PM] Patrick: But I don't watch every single stream where people say revolutionary things without bothering to tell anyone anywhere else. ^^
[7:47 PM] Patrick: Like me saying that you probably must not have a wanted level when you instapass Noodle/Pizza.


Don't need slacker, just noodles and WSOOT.


Slacker and Portland Trash Dash are being used for this skip. Attempting to use the same setup on Staunton and Shoreside will still result in a Portland Trash Dash instapass because of the code related stuff. And you'll also be rewarded with the percentage increase only once.

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This is unlikely to not crash on mobile but if it does not, it has the same effect.

I suppose it is too slow to be useful, anyway.

The rest is just tech stuff (apart from the last sentence).

The reason that it only works for Portland is that which "city" you instapass depends on the value of 8@.
0 -> Portland
1 -> Staunton
2 -> SSV
8@ is set to 0 by Slacker (at the point where an instapass can happen, anyway). The Slacker thread then executes Trash Dash code (same old IP stuff) and since it ends up in mission pass code, it checks 8@ for which city you just passed. 0, as set by Slacker.
There is another thread that starts Trash Dash from the very beginning (I call that the "normal thread") and that one instantly sets 8@ to the right value according to the city - but since 8@ is a local variable (as shown by the @ sign), every thread has his own local variables, so 8@ for the "normal thread" is independent of 8@ for the "instapass thread".

Pseudo-global variables are shared by all threads but are reset to 0 on LOAD_AND_LAUNCH_MISSION ($3XXX , forgot the exact range).
The other dollar variables are not automatically set to 0.

I sense a chance to find one or two more instapasses with this new knowledge (for me^^) about local variables.