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Hello. I've developed the GTA: SA autosplitter in the past and had an idead about improving it (that's why i stopped developing it, plus ahk was pain in the a$$).

My focus now is developing an autosplitter for any game by just adding the memory addresses for the game.

Take a look at github:

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Autosplitter themselves are kinda pointless imo. What is needed is load removers which games such as dishonoured, mirrors edge, borderlands 2 all have.

Everyones PC varies so much in loading times that this tool will make it fair for everyone without having to go back and manually remove load times from videos.


Autosplitters are nice to have and I guess their code could eventually turn into load removers, but yeah they're pretty useless in functionality.

Having it as a livesplit component probably makes it easier to access as well, I'm getting tired of having to run yet another program.


My goal eventually is to have an all-in-one autosplitter with load removal functions.

My first thought was to implement it as a livesplit component but then, that would force to have livesplit as a timer. I'll probably add it as a component in the future.

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