What does this leaderboard need?
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hey, it's Mmeaninglessnamee, the only mod of this game. Problem is, I don't play this game. I only play and ran Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams, someone made me a mod here years ago because there weren't any others.

What does this game need?

I mean everything. What are its actual rules? How many categories? Warps vs Warpless? I see the suggestion for ILs, but would this be world-by-world, individual stages, what? Is there a time-attack mode in-game like in Twisted Dreams?

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Hey there, I've actually ran this game and its Retro category a few times. I'd be open to mod as well.

Like you said, some people already asked for ILs, and I'd suggest to just add them for every single level, including the Retro levels. There's also the option to add "Single World" runs as Misc. category for the normal any%. Could be fun.

For Retro you'd have the option to split it into Warps/Warpless. I haven't discovered any warps for the normal any% yet.

There is no time-attack mode in-game.

For rules in general it is important to say that this game is quite buggy, and keeps transferring your progress, your gems, even your lives and which Giana you're playing from level to level - which it really shouldn't do. This even happens from normal any% to retro any%. So people could easily just grab 25 lives and start running the game as Punk Giana from the first level without Game Over-ing for quite a while. Because of this, I'd say make it a rule to start with normal Giana and (max.) 5 lives. (That's what you start with when you Game Over)

The game also allows you to move before you can see the level. This is important because you can save some seconds in every level - if you know what the level looks like. Sometimes there's a gap or an enemy right in front of you and it might kill you when you move before the loading screen disappears.

This game also comes with red diamonds and levels that unlock if you collect them in each level in their respective Worlds, then unlocks the very last 9th World which basically contains bonus levels. This could easily be a "100%" category. Important to know here is that the game is buggy and unlocks World 9 for you even if you didn't collect all the red diamonds. This should not be part of the normal any% run.

I think that's it for the start.

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Ohio, USA

I think another thing we need is some amount of a knowledge dump for known tricks and warps. You could do random things, edit a video, and pass it off as a new glitch and other people would have no idea as the game is buggy and poorly documented.

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Unfortunately, not much is known about the game. As far as I can see it was never sold as a physical copy, so there are no official guides or hints about tricks or warps available.

All we can do right now is open a new thread in which we can document warps we have found so far, because I'm pretty sure we have yet to find them all. (And to be honest, they are easily recognizable if you watch the runs.)

Splicing is easy to identify in my opinion, if it's not reproducable it's a splice.

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