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cheers to becoming mod for one of my favorite game series! ­čśŐ yea, that's all I had to say. I do have one question though. I've been considering trying out this series for awhile now. Would you suggest running it? It seems a little to simple for my taste, but I suppose that's why every frame counts. Still, what do you think?


If you find the game fun and all, you should run it. Do some 2-4 run while listening to a podcast in the background for example. However, like i said in my run comment, you shouldn't really try to get a wr.

You cannot tell if someone is using a macro or an auto-clicker since close to none of the run have a visible cursor that show when you click. If it was for me, i would delete all the run that doesn't show when you click in the video, but i just got modded and i really don't want to mess the leader board without any permission but there is most likely auto clicker user in the top run. At least i am retiming and will retime all the run so they all start and stop at the same place to be fair

But yeah, back to the topic, if you enjoy this series, you should definitively do some run while watching stream YouTube podcast etc. And just try to beat your best time


i agree with you cuttyflame do what you want with the leaderboard