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Hello, I'm O_Circles the friendly neighbourhood speed police! It's been brought to my attention that your leaderboard contains some highly toxic category names, which are the following:

- Church%
- Gold%
- Tech%
- Portal%

You may not be experiencing any symptoms right now, but categories which just add '%' at the end of a word for no reason are well known carriers of malaria, ebola and scurvy. I'm not sure how you came across these category names but dealing in them is highly illegal and dangerous; a formal investigation will be launched tomorrow morning and we expect your full cooperation.

For your own safety (and society/SRcom at large), I urge you to burn these category names as soon as possible and stay away until environmental remidation has been carried out by SRcom hazardous materials professionals.

COMM'r. O_Circles


We appear to have caught this condition from the Stardew Valley page on this website, so you may want to quarantine them as well.

As you are well aware, later stages of the disease (which we are displaying clear symptoms of) makes its subjects beligerant and unreasonable.

As such, I must request that you please proceed to GET REKT SON TROLOLOLOLOL

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